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February 08 2018



If you ever think history impressive or grand, here’s a story for you:

Right after ww2, Jews were freed, but basically had no citizenship to speak of, and the allied forces weren’t that!helpful. So a group called the TTG was formed to help emigrate (read: smuggle) Jews from Central Europe, to Mediterranean ports, where they would take boats to Israel.

The TTG did this by piling the Jewish refugees into trucks bearing British insignia, their operatives dressing up as British soldiers, and just openly driving to port cities.

If they were ever stopped by actual military forces, they would say they were a part of a covert supply missing, under special orders from Major Tuches. They would stress that the contents of the trucks was super secret and to not be disturbed under any circumstances. They saved over 300,000 Jews like this.

If that sounds reasonable to you, here’s the thing: TTG stands for Tilhas Teezee Gesheften, and the operatives named one Major Tuches as their commanding officer whenever they needed to.

Or, to translate that into English, the event that saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees was called Operation Kiss My Ass led by Major Asshole.


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scientific breakthrough

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this is from the wikipedia page for hades and have no idea if it’s true or not but i really hope it is because there are few things funnier to me than the idea of hades in the underworld banging on the ceiling with a broomstick because the mortals upstairs are slapping the earth at 3 am to get his attention

5 or so people have tagged this with ‘1-800-ARE YOU SLAPPING’ and i’d just like to say y’all are people after my own heart

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Cosmos. Fleur phantasmagoria. Photo by Amber Maitrejean

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Black and White :) lobistico.

A Mom Got Sick Of Seeing Short-Shorts For Girls, So She Started Her Own Line


Sharon Choksi, founder Girls Will Be, decided to do something about the lack of options for girls. She said the inspiration for her new line of clothing, came from her daughter and niece, Maya and Grace, who wanted to wear clothing that wasn’t frilly, “nothing with bows” and absolutely “NO sparkles.” They were interested in “climbing trees, building LEGO creations, and playing with cars and trucks,” Choksi said.

Op of this is a terf, so I’m reposting this in case anyone was interested!

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flower urchins are such fanciful magical looking animals and the most whimsical part of all has to be the part where if you touch those pretty little cups you die horribly

Really though what fucker even programmed the ocean


Rarely attacks in open water unless provoked, more interested in other NPC creatures


No interest in attacking player character, rarely even encountered


Zero combat capability







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a child’s rhyme stuck in my head
it said that life is but a dream
I’ve spent so many years in question
to find I’ve known this all along

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Floating in a Sea Galaxy (by drxgonfly)

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“Amazing Night In Emäsalo Finland” by  Jari Johnsson

February 07 2018

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Those eyes are locked on target!

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wow I love Solo: a Star Wars Story







Headcanon that an outraged 6-year-old Charlie Weasley writes to an elderly Newt Scamander wanting to know why Gringotts keeps a dragon locked up underground and begging him to fix it. Newt writes back saying that sadly he’s been fighting that fight for years and no one ever wants to listen to him because the powerful families whose money is being kept safe by the dragon always shut him down, and that Charlie is the first person he’s heard of who’s as angry as he is about it. Charlie decides that day to dedicate his life to finding out everything he can about dragons so that one day he can free the poor Gringotts dragon. After the war, when they hear that Harry, Ron and Hermione freed the dragon, they celebrate and immediately begin petitioning to have it made illegal to imprison dragons so that nothing like that ever happens again. It’s only when Hermione becomes Minister that it’s finally signed into law.

This is the best Harry Potter headcanon I’ve ever seen

yes yes yes

Just imagine how that conversation would go though, like Charlie’s been learning about dragons his whole life, studying them, learning about the laws surrounding them, practising the jailbreak of dragons by smuggling one out of Hogwarts, preparing for the moment when, one day, he can free the Ukrainian Ironbelly from Gringotts.

And Ron’s like “Oh, yeah, don’t worry about it—we broke into Gringotts and used him as our get-away vehicle. He’s just chilling in the wilds somewhere now so, yeah. Job done.”

I want an AU where Ron, completely convinced that he’s overshadowed by all his brothers and will never be as remarkable or as well-recognised as any of them, just accidentally achieves all of their major life goals without noticing. They’re all super jealous and think of him as The Golden Brother and he’s completely clueless. 




the only star wars discourse i ever want to see is whether double bladed lightsabers are cooler or dual lightsabers are cooler

Two that connect to form a double

folks up here today we have the most correct person in the entire world




TIL lobsters do not die due to aging. They become stronger and more fertile with age due to the presence of enzyme telomerase which tepairs DNA sequence.

via reddit.com

you’re telling me, if left unharmed, lobsters survive the ravages of time and gain progressively more fuck power as it goes on




Has anyone tried to see if chimpanzees or bonobos could be taught to fully master fire

this one guy did and he was chained to a mountain to have an eagle eat his liver every day


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field test 

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