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June 15 2017


You don’t always need to talk…or speak…like its good to shut the fuck up sometimes…i love not talking

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Patios de Córdoba, Spain / google street view

Reposted by3u3a 3u3a
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Help Fund Sukie’s Power Wheelchair




I’m a multiply disabled non-binary person trying to raise funds to buy a powered wheelchair. There’s no way I can afford it alone, but I’m hoping that if enough people share this it might be possible. No pressure to donate if you can’t spare anything, but I would really appreciate if you could reblog this.

A power chair would massively improve my quality of life. Currently, I can only go outside when someone else is there to push my manual wheelchair for me, as my arms are too weak to self-propel. When I try and push myself I usually end up dislocating my elbows and the joints in my hands, which is very painful. I often go Monday to Friday without going outside at all, as my partner works full time and can usually only take me outside on weekends. A power chair would mean that I could go outside, by myself, whenever I wanted. It would be completely life changing to have the freedom and independance to go outside without having to depend on anyone else. 

Please share & donate if you can spare anything at all. 

MY JUSTGIVING PAGE: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/sukies-wheelchair

MY PAYPAL: paypal.me/sukiew

Thanks so so much xx

We’re really close to 50% of the full price of the wheelchair! A great big thank you to everyone who’s donated & shared this post! That being said, it’s been a bit of a struggle to keep the donations coming, and there have been days where we’ve had no donations at all. In order to raise the full £5500 by the end of the month, we need to raise around £170 a day, which means sharing the fundraising page as widely as you can is super important. If you want to reblog this, consider queueing it as well, and may be post the link to facebook and twitter if you have those too! (If you have a rich uncle or something, may be conspicuously email him the JustGiving page!) This powerchair is incredibly important for my quality of life, especially since my manual wheelchair is now in need of some repairs. If all 3500 people who have viewed my JustGiving page had donated the minimum donation of £2, we would would already have reached the target. Even just £1 sent to my PayPal will make a huge difference. Please share & donate if you can! xx

Thanks to one particularly generous donor, we’re now suddenly at 82% of the price of the chair! That means we have the rest of the month to raise only a grand - we’re so close now! If you can spare anything, please donate, and please keep sharing the page! :) xx


Excuse me, do you have a moment to spare to talk about our Lord and Savior Lance McClain?

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I love drawing cute scenes.


a dreamworks executive: now, jeremy, have fun but just don’t hint anything about klance. 

jeremy in the livestream: I mean keith’s birthday is all that’s left! maybe he’s a scorpio! that’s a water sign and weird how it’s like a love match with leo, which lance is. maybe they’re soulmates!

the dreamworks executive:

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if keith ever says “tron!” with a cute n proud little smile on his face after lance does his little cheer of “i say vol, you say tron! vol…” im gonna fucking die bros… and imagine! lance getting so excited about it and pulling keith into a huge hug while exclaiming, “keith! buddy! you did it!”

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how i think the “let’s reset pilots” thing went





I just came up with the most amazing and ridiculous Voltron crack theory

And like there’s absolutely no way it’s true

but WHAT IF IT WERE TRUE like I’m losing my shit over the possibilities here


Okay okay I’m just warning you I sound insane


We all agree the Garrison’s sketchy as hell, right? Well, you know who’s part of the Garrison and who’s gotten, strangely, very little attention at all?

Mr. Dreamworks face right here.

Hear me out.

We have no satisfying explanation for what the Galra were doing hanging out near Kerberos. Searching for the Blue Lion? Maybe, but they took a damn long time to make it from Kerberos to Earth if that’s the case (assuming the Paladins intentionally landed the lions and hid them, which the carvings seem to suggest, wouldn’t you, yknow, START with the inhabitable planet?). Checking out Earth? They couldn’t hold off an invasion, why not just colonize them? Unless they were NEGOTIATING with people on Earth.

On the suspicion that the Garrison knows more than they’re telling about the Galra, we ALSO have no satisfying explanation for why they sent three defenseless scientists to the edge of the solar system. To… collect ice? That seems a little needlessly dangerous.

UNLESS the Garrison wasn’t sending people to Kerberos - they were sending them to the Galra.

It can’t be easy to communicate with an alien race without other people in the world noticing, so if the Garrison wanted to talk to the Galra directly, what better way to do it than to send someone to do it in person, in a way and a place where it would be very easy to cover up what actually happened to that person.

And who out of these three would know about this real mission? The oldest and presumably most senior member of the team, Samuel fucking Holt.

Let’s look at some evidence.

I always thought the way this scene was framed was a little… odd.

Why is Shiro the only one who no longer has a helmet? He was still wearing one when they all got sucked up by the tractor beam or whatever it was. Both of them are sitting up, so they’re not unconscious - why did neither of them try to speak up or do anything? Why can’t we see their faces?

Maybe it was to keep the focus on Shiro but MAYBE it was because one of them was about to speak up and reveal he actually has bargaining chips in this situation. Maybe one of them, had we seen their face, would not have seemed as surprised or scared as he should have been.

Then Sam was more or less immediately separated from Matt and Shiro:

Was he being sent to a work camp? Are you SURE? What if, instead, they were just lying to Shiro to keep their contact with Earth quiet?

But Tal, you say, Matt was in the gladiator ring too. Did Samuel really throw his own son to the Galra? Fair point, fair point, but… maybe. In order to protect the Earth (including his wife and daughter).

Matt, after all, was still awake when Shiro got clocked in the head. He would have heard whatever negotiation happened between his father and the Galra. Perhaps he felt betrayed. Perhaps he got so angry the Galra threw him into the gladiator ring as punishment, and his father had to let it happen or else lose all chance to talk to them. Or maybe the Galra are just evil bastards and said, “we only need one of you to be able to talk to us. Send the others to the gladiator ring.”

But Tal, wouldn’t Matt tell Shiro about Samuel, if that were true? Maybe, but I’m not sure a galactic gladiator ring is really the place for that conversation. And then, of course,

There wasn’t really another chance later.

And then there’s the fact that the show’s been pretty determined to get us more invested in finding Matt than Sam.

[Sam, somewhere in the galaxy: “GEE THANKS A LOT”]

Why does it seem like the show sometimes wants us to low key forget that Sam is out there too? Why are we more worried about getting Matt back? Maybe because the show doesn’t want us to learn too much about Sam… yet.

Okay Tal, nice crack theory, but here’s the biggest hole: why would the Garrison not tell Shiro and Matt about the Galra, if that really was the intent of the Kerberos mission? Well, because they’re dicks.

Oh….my…..god…..if season three ends with revealing that Samuel Holt…Mr. Golly-Gee-I-Sure-Do-Love-Peas Holt…..is an actual traitor and gave information to the Galra I will be shocked beyond belief. Now THAT is a plot twist right there.

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Sorry but that trim is sharrrrrrrrp

Is he even real??


That last one is literally tripping me the fuck out.

I can see from the unfinished part that it’s 2D but I CAN’T look at the rest of it and not see a full 3D human. Like there are are perfectly rendered and real SHADOWS on the wall behind them HOW is that not photoshopped??

I’m losing it.


The artist’s name is Kelvin Okafor!




Fun Vampire Fact; the reason that Vampires traditionally cannot see their reflections in a mirror is because mirrors used to be backed with a reflective layer of silver — which, as the metal of purity, would not ‘interact’ with Vampires, who are the Devil’s work.

However, modern mirrors have used aluminum as their reflective backing for many years now — and aluminum is not a ‘picky’ metal at all. So Vampires are able to see their reflections in modern mirrors.

All I can think about is a vampire used to not seeing their reflection in mirrors for centuries, and one day they are just walking along and unknowingly pass a mirror backed with aluminum and THEY NEARLY SHIT THEMSELVES.

new idea: hell chess


  1. all the basic rules are the same like playstyle wise
  2. trash talking is encouraged
  3. you get as much time as you need but if you look away from the board your turn is over
  4. the referee is yelling everything like a sports announcer and you cannot complain
  5. you can take one of your pieces from the board and throw it at your opponents head but you sacrifice that piece
  6. you have to name the king and queen something

fun additives to make the game unique:

  • a. close your eyes and reach into a bag of about 48 chess pieces to pull out your sixteen pieces. whatever you get is what you play and you must follow the rules of those chess pieces. if you get four queens good luck. if you get no queens good luck
  • b. the referee can decide to throw in as many checkers pieces as a time as they please, as long as equal pieces are distributed to both players. the players are now not only playing chess but also checkers on the same board.



fallout go app that tracks your locations so you can find other players online and beat the shit out of eachother while 50s music plays 

i already do this without an app

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30 days of klance - day 14: in the rain

another smooch today because they deserve it

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