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August 07 2017

August 06 2017

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Dr. Russell Barkley on ADHD medication (x)

This this this this THIS!

@ all the people who claim that the medication used for this disorder is the work of the devil. when handled correctly and as instructed, it can be SO SO helpful. and you really don’t get a say in this if your only argument is the same old “kids get addicted” (false, it’s been often reported that as long as it’s kept at a standard dose, it can actually reduce the risk of addiction) or “it’s just to make money” (false, research has shown that people with the disorder actually benefit from pharmacological treatment, making it a valid treatment option) or anything along those lines.

a lot of people with adhd will go on some form of medication at least once in their lives. please don’t make their situation even harder by shaming them for doing so. it does help! psychosocial treatment is great but the use of medication actually increases its effectiveness in a lot of cases.

but not everyone will decide to take this path and that’s okay, too. accept how people want to treat their adhd, no matter which direction they choose. it’s really not that hard.

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When someone says these days sexism and misogyny don’t exist anymore show them this.


something that helps you manage adhd: daily routine
something that prevents you from establishing daily routine: adhd


when yr adhd does the intense Anger thing n u gotta remind yr brain that u dont wanna throw yr phone full force at a wall


an attention span? in this economy?

honestly still reeling at that s3 Finale reveal though, like HOLY SHIT.


“i can do that, why can’t you?! it’s not that hard” idk might have something to do with the mental disorder i have… uhh….. just  a guess


me: *tries to remember something*
my brain: *gina linetti voice* redacted


me: man i sure am hungry but i dont know what to eat

brain: then just fucking eat nothing

me: understandable have a good day

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Fuck I’m at a fencing tournament and literally a minute after I reblogged this my dad told me that he talked to the point people and I’m probably going to win a medal.



I need to follow up to say I reblogged this last night, and this morning I got some of the best news of my life, like, a life dream come true news thing.

Bagel what are your powers

FUCK, I though it was just another lucky meme but LISTEN. Since a week ago I was waiting a phone call to confirm me if I got a job or not in my university. I reblogged this yesterday’s night “just for fun and because I don’t want any bagel to be mad with me”, and today’s afternoon, while I was losing my time as always, the professor I was supposed to work with called me and asked me for my personal information to start working with her.



I’m just still waiting for the bagel backstory.


Even if it doesn’t work wouldn’t you want someone setting a bagel on fire in your life and spreading it to your followers is just the gift of giving


Its baaaaack

July 17 2017

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My boy’s first tumblr photograph.

Reposted bypati2k6 pati2k6

July 16 2017




yo take this quiz and find out how your rainbow looks like


Your rainbow is intensely shaded green, red, and violet.


What is says about you: You are a creative person. You appreciate energetic people. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you. Those around you admire your fresh outlook and vitality.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.
My rainbow



pidge is such an amazing and inspiring character. like she is a young teenager and she is just absolutely brilliant? she can do things with tech i cant even begin to understand and its just beyond impressive and i know a bunch of little girls who are fans of the show definitely look up to her. she is incredibly quick witted and creative and innovative and passionate and skilled. i love my 2 foot tall daughter just from the way she has already been introduced to us and i cant wait to see her character get more development in the upcoming season. im so excited you guys!

ok you can keep scrolling now thank u for ur time

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PEARL NEEDS HELP. Please, read!

This is Pearl, a super crazyass yorkie who gets everyone’s love after 20 seconds spent with her. She’s gonna bark at you, she’s gonna make a ugly face and try to grab your hand, which will get you to think she dislikes you, but that’s actually a smile and once she gets to your hand she’s gonna lick everything and keep asking for your attention, & she keeps doing that, but with the running around replaced by a sad cry trying to get you closer. She’s 2 years old and has been with me for one year now. I may sound like a crazy person wanting help for a dog which people would pay a lot of money to get, but that’s not my case. I’m completely against buying pets, just so you know. Her previous owner is the one who got her and gave Pearl to me as she was about to move from where she lived and wasn’t able to take care of Pearl. My previous dog had died of old age a year before that and she knew I was missing company & would take good care of her dog, that’s why she gave Pearl to me. I know, this isn’t about me, but I just wanted to explain that I’m not a rich person with an “expensive” dog. I’m not. I’m just someone who was there when she needed, and I also needed her.

She was SUPER active. Like, really, SUPER. Jumping from here to there, running around like crazy, etc. Until one day I woke up and she wouldn’t put one of her paws on the ground. I got her to the vet for a consult and she explained to me everything and I’m gonna try to explain to you even though I’m not an expert:

She has patellar/kneecap dislocation on one of her back legs, which means her “kneecap is dislocated normal anatomic position in the groove of the thigh bone (femur). When the kneecap is dislocated from the groove of the thigh bone, it can only be returned to its normal position once the quadriceps muscles in the hind legs of the animal relax and lengthen. It is for this reason that most dogs with the condition will hold up their hind legs for a few minutes.”

But there are degrees of complications. At 1 the dog puts it in place on its own by stretching the leg, most people don’t even notice that, I guess I didn’t. With the “persistence of the condition, as well as the amount of degenerative arthritis that is involved. Typically, a dog with a dislocated kneecap will exhibit prolonged abnormal hindlimb movement, occasional skipping or hindlimb lameness, and sudden lameness.” The vet said this is actually kind of normal between small races, like Pearl.

The vet wasn’t able to put it in place (manually), it kept sliding/dislocating. Meaning: she’ll need surgery, which is going to open up space so the bones fit in place and don’t dislocate anymore - explained in my words, which are easier to understand, believe me.

I already “paid” (creditcard which I have no idea how I’m gonna pay) for the consult and the x-rays, which confirmed she’s gonna need surgery, but I don’t have conditions to pay for it all. The surgery itself costs at least R$5000,00 (about $1600) + postoperative care. I’m still researching about prices but that’s the least expensive I was able to find for now, and still gotta check every places’ backgrounds to see if they’re reliable. 

I’m completely devastated seeing little Pearl like this. She was this super happy and crazy dog and now she’s just… there. I want to help her, I need to help her, but I can’t… not alone. I’m currently unemployed, not because I want to, but because it’s really hard to get a job around here.

The vet just said she shouldn’t move that leg and for me to try to make her not to,as movement equals more conflict. But she didn’t say how, that’s all on me. On the pic you can see my attempt to make it still with a piece of cloth wrapped around her knee, not very effective so I’m accepting ideas.

I can’t seem to get a paypal button to work on a tumblr post, so I added to my tumblr HERE (under my description), if you can please go there and contribute, I’d really really really REALLY appreciate it.

If you can’t donate throgh that page, you can also transfer using my e-mail, which is: gabr3ux@gmail.com

If anyone can give something, even if it’s just $1 or $0.50, it will help. If you can’t, PLEASE reblog. It’ll mean the world to me and Pearl. Please, please, PLEASE help.

Thanks for your attention. Hope I come with good news soon. :(

Why I have no job now?! PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!! :’(

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my absolute favorite thing about lance is the face he makes right before he says some dumb shit


The craziest thing to me about murder mystery shows is that they ask suspects for their alibis and they’re like “where were you the night of April 23rd from 10 to 11pm” and the suspect can immediately be like “the 23rd? I was at a bar with Joe and Sam from 9pm to 1am” and meanwhile I’d be like “uhhh…what day of the week was that? Let me check my calendar? Uhh let me check my check my messages? Can I phone a friend?”


shoutout to every single lesbian because you all deserve so so much love. you deserve a happy life with people who care for you and love you for who you are. to anyone butch, femme, a woc, disabled, trans, mentally ill, closeted, this post is for you. youre loved. youre valid. i love you. to those who grew up in bigoted/religious households, i love you. to those who are forced to hide their identity/relationship for fear of being ridiculed, kicked out, i love you. for those who have to pretend you’re someone else in order to be loved. for those who took years to find their voice & confidence in their orientation only to be shut down. i love you.

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