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May 18 2018



ADHD is a legitimate disability and should be treated as such, and y’all gotta stop acting like people with ADHD aren’t neuroatypical enough.

You’re very right almost everyone I know that I’ve told I have ADHD has said something along the lines “oh that’s not that big of a deal though” and I’m mad

Yep, I get that a lot too. Or “It’s not a disability bc you can take a pill!!”

Well, first off I can take an inhaler daily and carry an emergency one, asthma’s still a disability though.

second, the pills only last a little while, and they only deal with your ability to focus, they don’t do a damn thing about anything else ADHD affects

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Candy-Colored Sky | Santa Monica, CA


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Frozen methane bubbles under Lake Baikal,  Siberia


Reposted byhash hash
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Full moon at Roy’s Peak, New Zealand | maxrivephotography

May 17 2018



If you truly and genuinely want to help male victims of abuse, you will start speaking about them independently. You will stop bringing them up only when women are talking about their own abuse. You will stop using them as a ‘gotcha’ to discredit claims of male violence. You will stop saying things that you know are are factually incorrect such as “If the victim were a woman, everybody would be talking about this.” or “If the victim were a woman, this already would have been dealt with.” Your misogyny is thinly veiled, and everybody knows your true intentions. 

If I am talking about women’s abuse, and my own experience, and you come to me talking about how men are abused too, I will tell you to shut up. It is not because I do not think men can be abused, and it is not because I do not care about male victims of abuse. It is because I can see clearly through your intentions behind bringing it up to me. You are attempting to silence me.



ADHD is a legitimate disability and should be treated as such, and y’all gotta stop acting like people with ADHD aren’t neuroatypical enough.

I know a child that’s only has ADHD and his emotional regulation problems made him struggle with suicidal thoughts starting at 8 years old. ADHD is a real disability


yup, people with ADHD are at much higher risk for that, but beyond that it affects every aspect of our lives too in much the same way any other neuro-atypical and cognitive disability would

I mean auditory processing, math, language, emotional regulation, focus, RSD, memory, even hyperfocus/hyperfixation are all things that get affected by it. ADHD people do not function the same way neurotypical people do, and we can’t really pretend to.

And the amount of stigma around the disorder is immense! Everything from people saying it was invented by Big Pharma to Push Drugs, to saying that it’s a Conspiracy to get kids hooked on Meth, to it being nothing more than parents feeding their kids ‘crap food’, people who think ADHD people are just ‘annoying and loud white boys who piss everyone off’ (And even when they are white boys, they still deserve help, treatment and compassion for a disability?). And then you get to the disabled community and they say ‘ADHD isn’t a disability lmao, holy shit! You get to be NT if you take your meds!

Which you don’t of course, you can maybe focus better and you’re calmer, but you’re not any less forgetful, you still can’t emotionally regulate, RSD will still kick your ass, auditory processing, math and language skills will still be affected, like damn guys!

ADHD is a legitimate disability and should be treated as such, and y’all gotta stop acting like people with ADHD aren’t neuroatypical enough.

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Little Sir Arthur wishes you all a lovely day

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some mermaid klance for the soul…I mean mermay

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SO I did a lesbian flag redesign because really the community doesn’t actually have one that works really well on a number of levels and represents the full spectrum of lesbianism

The pink flag is… pretty. But it’s also not the ‘lesbian’ flag. It’s the lipstick lesbian flag with the lipstick removed, and it’s kind of messed up that we would take that and try to apply it to the whole community.

It’s also next to impossible to make physical copies of it in a lot of things. Artwork is easy enough, but do you know how hard it is to find that many shades of pink for things like hoodies, scarves, hats, etc?

So here’s my redesign:

Each stripe represents both a part of the lesbian community itself, and part of the history of it.

Purple is for Non binary and trans lesbians, and to represent the violets that were given between women to represent their love.

Pink is for Lipstick and femme lesbians, and to represent the beauty of feminine love

Grey is for ace lesbians, and to represent the difficulty navigating the ‘grey area’ of society, where our love was forbidden and is still rejected by society

Blue is for butch and he/him lesbians, and also represents the way Lesbianism subverts gender norms within society, and the rejection of those norms.

Each stripe represents both members of the community, and how our community exists in society.

My favourite meme is probably the ‘every bald white man is Seth Everman’ one

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dont support industries that are driving animals to extinction thank you!

Already reblogged one of these but another reminder: don’t by nautilus shells!

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